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Universal Processing Language

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Universal Processing Language

The objective of this project is to create small and compact language for payment transaction processing. Underlying instrumentation code should be KVS layer for storing transaction chains but naturally should be extended to different backends like Java, PL/SQL and other languages currently involved in banking card processing.

Pocessing systems are using manually crafted application relays to handle card processing business rules. Being defined by business analysts these rules are fallen down to engineering teams informally. Approach we provide pushes card processing to solid background in a form of domain specific language common for all card plans analytics departments.

Having compact language we can formally build various translators for particular customers and existing processing systems. At the same time we provide reference back-end Erlang system implementation for transactions processing. Also DSL gives us a natural and easy verification strategies and compactifications.

This language could be easily extended to other domain aread like internet payment processing, shopping mall bonus programs, mobile operators tariff plans.


Using MAD in PATH just perform make.





limit 25K
grace-period 55 days
deposit annual 10% limit min 100
rate annual 40.90% of credit
penalty daily 50 + 5.8% of debt
fee month 5% of debt limit min 50 max debt
    transaction cashin 0
                cashout pos ballance 1
                        country UA 1%
                                 _ 2%
                cashout amount range      1,100 7
                                     100.01,200 12
                                     200.01,300 18
                                     300.01,400 24
                                     400,01,500 30
                                     500,01,_   4% of amount
    transaction wire target local 0
                     1% of amount or 10 + 4% of credit
                     target local type PB-UNIVERAL 0% of amount or 4% of credit
                     target local 0.5% of amount limit max 200 or 4% of credit
                     target _ 1% limit min 3 or 4% of credit
                     target _ type phone 2
accounts fee     PB-100001
         rate    PB-100002
         penalty PB-100003
limit unknown
grace-period first 100 days then 60 days
penalty daily 100
        month add-rate 5%
currency convert 1%
rate month 4.9% of credit
fee month 12 once on initial-payment
    month 3% of debt limit min 50 max debt
    month 1.2% of debt
    month 24
    status disabled 10
    transaction cashin  0
                cashout pos ATMOSPHERA 0
                cashout contry UA 5 + 1.5%
                                _ 30 + 1%
                wire target local 0
                wire 0.5% of amount limit min 5 max 500
accounts fee     M-100001
         rate    M-100002
         penalty M-100003